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Has Earth Been Visited by an Alien Spaceship?


Those who believe that Earth has been visited by an extraterrestrial spaceship are divided. Many claim the evidence doesn’t exist, while others say it does. Some believe that a spaceship is an unidentified flying object. Other researchers, like Loeb, claim that it is a spacecraft. Whether or not these theories are true is still debatable.

The first theory claims that an extraterrestrial craft visited the planet in 1947. Those who reject this theory claim that the UFOs have been around since the 1947. The second hypothesis argues that ‘Oumuamua’ may be an advanced alien spacecraft powered by the momentum of light particles. However, other scientists suggest that the craft is an ordinary comet outgassing.

A recent observation in the sky by Loeb and colleagues suggests that an alien spaceship may have landed on Earth. According to the paper, the object’s elliptical shape and unusual shape suggest it was created by advanced alien technology. The ‘Oumuamua’ is a lightsail that could have been sent from an extraterrestrial civilization.

There are two major arguments for the hypothesis. One is that it is impossible to rule out aliens, while the other has the advantage of ignoring other explanations. ‘Oumuamua’ was spotted in the sky above the Crimea in August 2017; ‘Oumuamua’s flat surface was flat, which is why it was able to repel light and was so thin.

A few years ago, the ‘Oumuamua’ flashed through the sun’s neighborhood, and observers were able to note several anomalies. But, Loeb said, the data showed that the object was moving at sixteen miles per second. The data also suggested that it was a light sail from an alien planet. The researchers disagreed on whether or not it was a “no.”

Though Loeb was a staunch rationalist in the past, he has changed his mind in recent years. He was once skeptical and a skeptic. He later admitted that he was a “responsible” cosmologist, referring to the fact that he is convinced that the aliens are real. He argued that an alien spaceship has been seen, but did it exist?

In October 2017, NASA’s Panoramic Survey Telescope observed a mysterious interstellar object, named ‘Oumuamua, at a distance of 25 light years from Earth. Although scientists haven’t found any evidence of alien life in our solar system, they have discovered evidence of the existence of other life. There are no solid proofs for the existence of an alien spacecraft, but the researchers say they are looking for the evidence.

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