5 Best Reason For Sexless Marriage According To Las Vegas Call Girls

  • Sexual abuse:- Sexual abuse or trauma of past sexual abuse can also be the reason why marriage goes through sexless state. Sexual abuse triggers past experiences which cause in low or no sex drive failing to perform or accept any sexual relation.
  • Low testosterone:- With age, testosterone levels of people declines. Testosterone is the main hormone that triggers sex drive and thus low testosterone levels mean lower sex drives.
  • Declining sex drive:- Depression, anxiety, mental trauma, etc cause a sudden decline in sex drives of people.
  • Mismatch in sexual expectations:- Sometimes there is a mismatch between the sexual expectations of partners or they have unrealistic sex desires which another partner is unable to fulfill. Over expectations in sex lead to dissatisfaction and deter you from trying.
  • Performance anxiety:- Performance anxiety regarding sex sometimes become so serve that it causes a high level of stress and pressure under which, it becomes easier for couples to postpone or decline sex.

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